Lake Pleasant Regional Park can be a wonderful place to dip your toes in the water! During the warmer months, park visitors can be found floating tubes and rafts trying to escape the brutal heat around Fireman's Cove, Coles Bay, and Humbug Cove. On weekdays during the summer, it can also a favorite location for competitive swimmers due to the calm waterways.

But let's not forget safety, Lake Pleasant is a man-made lake. Which means, the landscape fluctuates. While you may be standing in three feet of water at one point, you could be in 9 ft. of water just a few steps away. And, the deeper you go in the water, the cooler the water temperature. If you're not prepared for the change in temperature, your body may naturally gasp when you hit those cooler temperatures causing you to intake water.

So, while you may say, "It’s too hot...It doesn’t look cool...I know how to swim," we still recommend that those recreating in the water wear a life-jacket at all times - especially if you are not familiar with the water depth in the coves, and are not an experienced swimmer.

Wearing a life-jacket is the number one precaution one can take to stay safe while on and in the water. Life-jackets save lives…WEAR IT!