Office of the Director

Purpose statement. The purpose of the Director’s Office is to provide organizational leadership, strategic direction, vision, and support to the employees of the department so they can produce the results necessary to achieve the departmental mission and vision.

Primary Duties:

  • Responsible for strategic planning, performance management, resource management, budget, revenue, and safety; consults with staff, management, elected officials and others in government, business, and private organizations to advocate for the department and its resources, discuss issues, coordinate activities, resolve problems and improve the overall opportunities and benefits (economic, personal, social and environmental) associated with parks, open space and trails
  • Provide guidance and leadership in the establishment of park operational and departmental policies and procedures as well as in the application and interpretation of park rules, Arizona revised Statutes and incorporation of these procedures into the daily fabric of parks operations to ensure that the mission of the department is achieved and organizational goals are met;
  • Evaluates findings of investigations, surveys, research and studies to formulate policies and techniques and recommend improvements for personal actions, programs, or business services; conducts or directs investigations or hearing to resolve complaints and violations of laws; implements corrective action plan to solve problem
  • Directs and coordinates all legal issues, including intergovernmental agreements, suits, claims, personnel, land and water rights, patents, leases, contracts, and drafting and reviewing legislation
  • Authorizes studies and research relating to operational trends and program objectives and accomplishments
  • Directs and coordinates activities of Parks’ management team to ensure continuing operational excellence, maximize returns on investments, and increase productivity; coordinates activities to maximize customer benefits, revenue and most efficient utilization of facilities
  • Frequently delivers speeches, writes articles, and presents information for organization at meetings or conventions to promote services, exchange ideas, and accomplish objectives
  • Directs, coordinates, and conducts activities between United States, state and local governments and Tribal Nations to promote effective partnerships and communication
  • Serve as Secretary for the Parks and Recreation Commission and maintain departmental files
  • Works with the County Board of Supervisors to support departmental interests and achieve county goals
  • Stands in for the Assistant County Manager as representative of the County at meeting and events​
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