Park Operations Division

​Purpose statement. The purpose of the Parks Operations Division is to provide strategic direction, leadership, and operational management oversight for parks, trails, natural and cultural resource interpretation, and unique recreation facilities so the public can appreciate and enjoy the natural environment with an exhilarating outdoor experience.

Primary Duties:

  • Develops, implements, directs and monitors maintenance standards
  • Develops, implements, directs and monitors customer service standards
  • Develops, implements, directs and monitors recreation and education programs/classes to the public
  • Manages natural and cultural resources both directly and indirectly in an appropriate manner as guided by applicable federal state and local laws and departmental policy
  • Plans and organizes park operations to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Develops, plans, organizes and administers park operating policies and procedures to ensure operational objectives are met
  • Implement and monitor contracts and agreements with federal, state, and municipal entities including non-profit and private groups
  • Directs and conducts various studies/research and prepares reports and other material relating to operational and recreational trends and resource management issues
  • Coordinates activities for maximum revenue return 
  • Responsible for implementing department marketing plan to promote parks and programs
  • Ensures fee schedule and policies are administered in a consistent manner
  • Negotiates, issues and monitors special use permits in a standard, uniform and consistent manner
  • Responsible for operating within a business plan including managing an operating budget and providing detail for formulation of the departmental budget; prepares, reviews, and submits reports concerning activities, expenses, budget and other items affecting business or program services
  • Reviews and analyzes legislation, laws, and public policy and recommends changes to promote and support park interests
  • Maintains cooperative working relationships with other public and government agencies
  • Adheres to all Department, County and pertinent State policies, procedures and laws
  • Assesses all operational and visitor service activities for liability and risk concerns
  • Performs maintenance and repairs on park facilities, infrastructure and other park resources​
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