Planning and Development Division

​Purpose statement. The purpose of the Planning and Development Division is to provide technical and practical services, direction, leadership, and supervision involved in planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and construction activities for the design and development of parks, recreation facilities, trails and related infrastructure.

Primary Duties:

  • Develops, updates and maintains park and trail master plans
  • Both directly and indirectly provides architecture, landscape architect, engineering, land surveyor and planning services in the construction of parks and recreational facilities
  • Develops and performs complex or specialized engineering and planning analysis, research, data collection, field investigations, studies, proposals, and recommendations
  • Oversees all aspects of park and facility development including procurement, consultants and contractors selection and construction management
  • Prepares technical reports related to land use planning, design, engineering and construction
  • Provides expertise on specialized matters concerning civil engineering, planning and construction
  • Provide direct and indirect guidance on natural resource planning including scientific investigation and research
  • Provides all mapping services, including GIS
  • Maintains a full data-base of all park planning documents and historical archives
  • Provides both direct and indirect oversight of park water and sewer systems
  • Constructs and renovates trails and related infrastructure
  • Provides electrical and related system services, management and oversight
  • Provides heavy equipment services
  • Constructs and renovates park and park related facilities
  • Plans, designs, develops and renovates parks trails and the Maricopa County Regional Trail System
  • Manages park land acquisitions, easements, rights-of-ways, disposals and all related land issues​
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