Natural Resources

natural-resourcesNatural Resource staff are dedicated to protecting, conserving, enhancing, and promoting natural heritage and biological diversity in Maricopa County's regional parks for the benefit of current and future generations. These natural areas are vital to enriching our visitor’s quality of life.

To manage high-quality natural areas, we need to:

  • understand the biodiversity within the park system and the surrounding wildlands,
  • the integral balance within these ecosystems, and
  • the relationships between all of these organisms, as well as  how the ecosystems are changing over time.

Managing and restoring the ecosystem integrity and preventing any future degradation of these natural resources within Maricopa County's regional park system is a high priority.

Management of the parks natural resources includes:

  • Monitoring flora and fauna, documenting and recording species, restoring and managing the natural resources within the county's park system.
  • Managing the degraded or disturbed natural areas, restoration and invasive species removal, planting native species to increase biodiversity within the restored habitat.
  • Reduction of fire fuel loads to prevent a wildfire from spreading in Saguaro and Palo Verde dominated habitats.
  • Performing research projects and research evaluations to understand ecosystem dynamics.
  • Collaborating with regional agencies to accomplish similar conservation goals.
  • Getting people involved in the natural resource process.

To learn more about our efforts, please visit the Natural Resource pages under this section.

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