The next time you visit a Maricopa County park, you may notice that some of the critters you spy on the playground appear to be larger than life. Don’t worry, you’re not seeing things, they really ARE larger than life!

Recently, the department completed an overhaul on the playground systems, and focused on selecting nature-based pieces that would not only blend into the parks’ natural surroundings, but also encourage young visitors to explore these surroundings and appreciate the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

The newly renovated playgrounds feature mountain lions and arch boulders, rope wall link climbers, fallen cactus balance beams, climbing boulders, spider web climbers, cactus fossil rock steppers and cactus themed T-swings. The playgrounds also feature large shade structures to keep families cool while they play.

One piece of equipment that the kids are really gravitating towards is the rattlesnake climber with tube slide installed at McDowell Mountain Regional Park; however, Cave Creek Regional Park's scorpion slide is quickly becoming a park favorite! Come explore a nature themed playground at a Maricopa County regional park near you!