Nature Center

 The nature centers at White Tank Regional Park is LEED® Platinum certified and has 228 rooftop photovoltaic panels that produce 25% if the facility's annual energy needs. The building was green before it was even a building. The contactor that built the facility separated and recycled over 92% of the construction debris. Other green features include:

  • The 145-vehicle parking area is paved with decomposed, compressed granite to make use of natural materials and graded to allow runoff to trickle to unobtrusive catch basins.
  • The 22-foot tall, 12-inch thick fin walls across the rear exposure of the building help shield its dual-pane windows from the searing summer sun, thus reducing heat gain. While the ceiling-to-floor windows let in abundant light, automatic interior Mecho shades lessen the glare.
  • Salvaged and replanted native cactus and trees are from the site and keep outdoor water usage very low.
  • Highly reflective roof coating on 75% of the roof reduces heat island effect.




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