Center Code of Conduct

To ensure both your enjoyment of this facility & the surrounding Sonoran desert landscape and the preservation of these valuable assets, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Always stay on walkways and trails…walking off-trail is harmful to seedlings and promotes erosion.
  • Enjoy flowers and cactus without picking or damaging them.
  • Dead plant matter and ground litter are home to many creatures…please do not disturb them.
  • Animals are to be observed and enjoyed, not harassed, injured or captured.
  • Rocks should be left in place…not thrown.
  • Please do not tap on the glass of the animal displays…that noise frightens our captive creatures.
  • Pets allowed by permission only, and permitted animals must be on a leash.
  • Food is not allowed in the dormitories or anywhere on the premises other than in the multi-purpose room, kitchen or on Sunset Terrace Patio.
  • The trail to the boat dock as well as the dock are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.
  • Motorized vehicles must remain on paved roads and parking lots, and are not allowed near dormitories.
  • Build fires only in designated areas and not on “no-burn” days.
  • Please deposit trash, including cigarette butts, in designated receptacles.



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