‚ÄčThe park is open to non-motorized use, including hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding.


Trail Name Miles KM Use Rating
Dynamite              2.4              3.8 km  Shared use bwmoderate
Goldmine              2.5 4.0 km              Shared use bwdifficult
Hedgehog              1.0               1.6 km              Shared use bwmoderate
Littleleaf 0.7  1.1 km              Shared use bweasy
Malpais 4.1  6.6 km Shared use bwmoddifficult
Moonlight                         1.3             2.0 km              Shared use bwmoderate
Rock Peak Wash             0.8                        1.3km            Shared use bwmoderate
San Tan               6.4         10.3 km               bwmoddifficult
Stargazer              0.8           1.2 km                bweasy


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