Maricopa County Parks and Recreation


Trail Name Miles KM Use Rating
Baseline 2.6 mi 4.2 km Hike only, round-trip* bwmoderate
Butterfield (front) 0.8 mi 1.2 km Shared use bweasy
Butterfield (back) 1.3 mi 2.3 km Shared use bwmoderate
Coldwater 2.9 mi 4.7 km Shared use bwmoderate
Dysart 1.9 mi 3.1 km Shared use bweasy
Gadsden 6.1 mi 9.6 km Shared use bwmoderate
Gila 0.5 mi 0.7 km Barrier-Free, round-trip* bweasiest
Pedersen 6.8 mi 10.9 km Shared use, loop bwmoddifficult
Rainbow Valley Trail 4.2 mi 6.7 km Shared use bwmoddifficult
Toothaker Trail 3.7 mi 5.9 km Shared use bwmoderate
Distances shown above are one-way unless indicated by * for round-trip hiking distance from trailheads.
Competitive Tracks (Distances are round-trip from trailhead.)
Long Loop 9.5 mi 15.3 km
Technical Loop 4.7 mi 7.6 km    
Junior Loop 1.6 mi 2.6 km  





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