Park Itinerary


Maricopa County's regional park system attracts thousands of visitors each year. With over 120,000 acres in the park system, there is plenty to see and explore. However, sometimes visiting a new place can be a little overwhelming when you don’t know what’s available. To make sure your visit to Estrella Mountain Regional Park is a pleasant experience, we’ve pulled together a couple of basic itineraries to get you started on your journey.

I have this much time available Here's what I can experience
1 - 2 hour visit:
  • Take a walk on the barrier-free Gila Trail for a quick and easy overview of the desert. There are interpretive panels to give you information on our region of the Sonoran Desert. This wide smooth half-mile trail is ideal for side by side strolls to discuss whatever comes to mind.
  • Take a birding stroll down to the Gila River bottom. Small ponds and plentiful vegetation attract birds and a variety of animals that are fun to spot along your walk.
  • The Nature Center is a great place for any age visitor to explore. There are live animal displays and interpretive panels or photos to stimulate the imagination. Souvenirs, snacks and drinks will offer comfort and fun for the visitors as well. The volunteers and staff would be glad to see you!
  • The  Horseshoe or Quail Trails are easy one-mile trail hikes (one-way) to get the Sonoran Desert experience. Do an out-and-back hike at your own pace and level of experience for a safe, enjoyable outing.
2-3 hour visit:
  • Enjoy the view from the  Baseline Trail. There are several connector trails to allow a gradual gain in elevation to the  Baseline Trail. A walk on this rolling perched trail will allow several nice mountain and valley views and then a gradual downhill walk back to your vehicle. This is a great option if you want a little cardio workout and great views!
  • Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax at one of our many picnic areas. Individual tables, shaded tables or ramadas and group locations accommodate a variety of picnic, reading, socializing and relaxation needs.
  • Many bike riders and runners enjoy our  Competitive Track. There are three main loops, Beginner (1.65 miles), Technical (5.35 miles) and the Long loop (9.75 miles) that offer a great way to exercise in the desert.
3 hour visit:
  • Take a variety of hikes and multiple options on the many connected trails like the 4-mile loop,  Quail Trail to  Rainbow to  Toothaker north to  Baseline around the peak to  Saddle and back down the  Quail Trail.
  • Take a hike out of the Rodeo Arena Parking area out to the  Coldwater or  Rainbow Trails for a good 3-hour hike in the desert (using the  Rainbow, Coldwater, Toothaker or  Butterfield Trail combinations).
4-5 hour visit:
  • Take a hike into the back country. Estrella Mountain Regional Park has nearly 40-miles of track and trail! Challenge your skills on a longer walk in the Sonoran Desert back on to the  Pederson,  Homestead or  Gadsden Trails.
  • Watch for special events and festivals like the Tres Rios Festival or a Mud and Obstacle Run.


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