Commission Meeting Documents

Next meeting date and location:


Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Regular Meeting


21802 S. Ellsworth Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142
10:00 AM



2024 Approved Meeting Dates

Commission By-Laws


New Commission Member Orientation and Procedure Manual:

Section A:

  1. Introduction
  2. Parks and Recreation Vision-Mission Statement
  3. Maricopa County Vision-Mission-Values Statements
  4. Maricopa County Employee Merit System Code of Ethics
  5. Maricopa County Related Policies
         HR2416 - Code of Conduct
         A1510 - Diversity Policy
         A2611 - Use of County Technology Resources
         A1611 - Acceptable Use of Social Media
         A1512 -  Prohibition Against Unauthorized Solicitations and Unauthorized Posting or Distribution of Literature
         A1515 - External Relationships and Acceptance of Gifts
         A2508 - Receiving Donations
         HR2405 - Employee Workplace Concerns
         HR2406 - Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
         HR2408 - Recognizing and Reporting Threats and Violence in the Workplace
         HR2422 - Secondary Employment
  6. Maricopa County Organizational Chart
  7. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
  8. Maricopa County Quick Facts


Section B:

  1. Resolution April 1982 re: attitudes, policies, function, and operations
  2. Resolution for Support of "The Desert Spaces Regional Open Space Plan 1997"
  3. Parks Commission letter to the Board of Supervisors May 2016
  4. Proclamation: Maricopa County Parks and Trails Month December 2016
  5. Arizona Revised Statues Pertaining to the Commission
         Public Meetings and Proceedings
              ARS 38-431
              ARS 38-431.01     Meetings open to the public
              ARS 38-431.02     Notice of meetings
              ARS 38-431.03     Executive Sessions
              ARS 38-431.04     Writ of Mandamus
              ARS 38-431.05     Meetings held in violations
              ARS 38-431.09     Declaration of public policy
         Intergovernmental Operations - Public Parks
              ARS 11-931     
    ARS 11-934     Parks and recreation commission; appointment; meetings
              ARS 11-935     Powers and duties
              ARS 11-936     Rules; notice
  6. Attorney General Opinion - Open Meeting Law Requirements and Emails


Section C:

  1. Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Organizational Chart
  2. Department Strategic Plans/Issues
  3. Parks Fee Policy and Revenue Philosophy
  4. Economic Impact Study for Maricopa County Parks
  5. Department FY21 Budget 
  6. 10-year Capital Improvement Plans
  7. ARS 11-941: County Parks Operation and Enhancement Fund; Souvenir Revolving Fund
  8. Parks Department System Maps
  9. Parks Land Policies
         Acquisition  (effective 10/10/18, Land disposal portion superseded by County Policy A2610)
            ARS 11-932: Acquisition of property for park purposes
            ARS 11-933: Cooperative agreements between governing bodies
         Disposal A2610: (approved by the Board of Supervisors October 2018)
  10. Parks Law Enforcement
         Restructuring Parks Law Enforcement Program 2013
         ARS 11-938:  Agreement to appear in Court
         ARS 11-939:  Powers of park rangers
         ARS 11-940:  Violations; classifications
  11. Park Rules


Section D:

  1. Commission By-Laws
  2. Commission Meeting Dates
  3. Commission Member Directory
  4. Present and Past Commission Chairs


Section E:

  1. Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA)
  2. National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA)


Questions: Please contact Donna Southard at (602) 506-9505 or donna.southard@maricopa.gov.

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