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How to Volunteer

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How do I become a community volunteer or park host?

Complete the online fillable application or check the volunteer calendar for special days of service to lend a hand each month.

What do volunteers do?

There are many ways to serve as a volunteer in the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department. Volunteers help by assisting the thousands of visitors who come to the parks each year by helping out in the Nature Centers, Entry Stations, and along the trails. Additionally, many volunteers who can’t commit to a monthly schedule will support the parks at a special work day.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

Time commitment varies based on the type of volunteer opportunity.

Episodic volunteers serve a few hours on special days of service or trail work days.

Community Volunteers serve on a regular basis and are scheduled weekly to monthly.

Park Hosts are required to serve a minimum of 40 hours per week in exchange for use of a complimentary camp site, access to water, and electricity. Additionally, they are required to serve for a minimum of 5 months.

Can anyone volunteer?

For adults: Park hosts and Community Volunteer positions require a criminal background check.

For teens: the minimum age to volunteer as an individual is 13. Those aged 13-17 must fill out an application and participate in an interview. Also, their parents or guardians need to sign an agreement form on their behalf.

Volunteers younger than 12: Same requirements as for teens. However, it is also required that youth be paired up with an adult either from their extended family or as recommended by their parents or legal guardian.

Unpaid Interns: Interns are treated as volunteers and are subject to the same policies and procedures of the volunteer program. Internships usually have very different expectations, are more in-depth, and require a more structured workload.

Groups projects?

If your community organization or corporate group would like to volunteer on a special project, please contact the volunteer coordinator and provide date, park, and type of project the group would like to assist with.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please email the Volunteer Coordinator at


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