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Proposed Master Plan Amendment for Expansion of Existing Golf Course Passes


Today, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to pass the proposed Estrella Mountain Regional Park Master Plan Amendment to expand the Tres Rios Golf Course. The Junior National Foundation, a domestic nonprofit corporation and a Southwest Golf Management, LLC assignee, submitted the proposal.

"The agency is seeking to expand services at Tres Rios Golf Course, located at Estrella Mountain Regional Park. The Junior National Foundation plans to invest approximately $24 million into renovating the existing course and build a new 18-hole junior national golf complex," said Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, District 3.

In addition to improvements to the existing golf course, the project will add the following:

  • New 18-hole junior national championship golf course
  • 5,000 square foot junior resource center
  • An expand or new golf maintenance facility
  • New and remodeled golf course restrooms
  • 20,000 square foot new clubhouse with underground cart storage

Southwest Golf Management, LLC., has over 30 years of public and private golf course management expertise. Southwest Golf Management, LLC., is managed by Jim Bellows, Principal, and his partner John Wall, First Mile, CEO. Wall began his career in the golfing industry, working at the Estrella Mountain Golf Course at fourteen shagging range balls. He has since gone on to start and grow several-well known technology corporations. As an avid golf promoter for youth, Wall will play an active role in the project at Tres Rios Golf Course.

"I am pleased to have a program that focuses on at-risk youth coming to this area, especially under the watchful eye of John Wall. As a young man, he was raised by a single mother who encouraged him to work at the Estrella Mountain Golf Course. Little did he know that summer job would forever change his life. During his time at the golf course, several members took him under their wing and provided advice, guidance, and the foundation for a robust and resilient work ethic. These skills, as well as the self-confidence he gained, helped to pave the way for a better future for John. I look forward to seeing this happen to youth who are part of the junior national program," added Supervisor Steven Gallardo, District 5. 

"Linda and I want to extend our thanks to the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department for their support and efforts on this project. This brings us another step closer to building a facility dedicated to changing kids' lives through golf with an emphasis on at-risk youth," added John Wall, Southwest Golf Management, LLC.

Since the project's scope is relatively large, Southwest Golf Management, LLC, requested an additional 148 acres under the current Use Management Agreement. Before seeking an amendment to the park's existing Master Plan from the Board of Supervisors, the department solicited feedback from the public.

"Approximately 1,555 individuals gave us feedback via an online survey, and roughly 70 public members attended our in-person meeting at Estrella Mountain Regional Park on August 3. We had some good dialogue with our golfing, hiking, and mountain biking community members and pushed back our original timeline to digest their feedback," said R.J. Cardin, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department Director. "Given the feedback received, we recently finalized the details with the concessionaire on the plan to minimize the impact to the park and our existing trail system."

To learn more about the project, visit www.maricopacountyparks.net/park-locator/estrella-mountain-regional-park/park-information/park-projects/.  


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