Maricopa County Parks and Recreation

Project Overview


The Parks, Open Space, and Trails System Plan: Vison 2030 (Parks Vision 2030) has been put on hold until at least July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Later this summer we will reassess the situation and develop a new strategy and timeline for completion of the plan.

The purpose of Parks Vision 2030 is to update the 2009 Strategic System Master Plan (SSMP) to reflect the current park system, identify current community needs and concerns, review system-wide best practices, forecast for future needs, and identify recreational trends that will continue to elevate the department and the park system. The ultimate purpose of developing a system-wide master plan is to outline the long-range vision for the park system as a whole for both the public’s enjoyment and the long-term protection of resources.

Given the dramatic changes in our society during the last 90 days, and with the uncertainty surrounding the coming months, it is increasingly difficult to predict current trends, community needs, and concerns, and forecast future strategies for a “new normal”.  While it is vital that a ten-year plan is in place to guide the County’s Parks it is also vital that we get it right, especially now.  By placing the plan on hold for the next several months, it is hoped that a clearer picture will emerge regarding the essential role of the park system in the future.

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