100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 100 Mile Challenge! Are you up to a challenge this fall? If so, keep reading! This year, Maricopa County's Parks and Recreation Department is challenging you complete 100 Miles in 100 Days!

To make things more interesting, we're going to let you decide how these miles will be completed - hike, mountain bike, trail run, or on horseback. Here are your options:

Method Mileage
Hiking or Trail Running 100 miles
Mountain Biking or Horseback Riding 200 miles


We've also started up a community page on Facebook so you can share your success stories, connect with others participating in the challenge, and participate in fun activities!


Lace up your hiking boots, dust off your mountain bikes and saddle up those horses because it's time for the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge!


  • Program Brochure - This document includes the program guidelines, a sample trail outline, and the tee-shirt entry form.
  • Park Log - A complete listing of all parks and trails.
  • Blank Log
  • Electronic Log - Please see directions below.
  • Tee-shirt order form. - To be completed and submitted once you've logged the identified number of Challenge miles.


This year, we are PILOTING a new Challenge feature…an electronic log. With all of our Challenge members using different applications and/or activity trackers to track their miles, we have opted to utilize a Google spreadsheet to house the electronic log.

How do I participate?

  • Take a screenshot of your trek.
  • Email the following information to 100MileChallenge@mail.maricopa.gov
  • App screenshot
    • your name
    • park/trail name
    • date, and miles trekked
  • Once we receive your information, we will enter it into the electronic log for you. This is our way of providing you with an “electronic signature.”
  • This process could take up to 48-hours.
  • For those participating in this process, you do NOT need to submit a hard copy log at the end of the Challenge. Your final email should contain:
    • your shirt size, and
    • name of park where you will attend the celebration

What type of information will be displayed on the electronic log?

  • The only personal information shared on the electronic log is your last name, and first initial (your first name has been hidden from view).
  • We have loaded the participants from last year onto the log. If you would like to be removed, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately.
  • We understand that there are a handful of members on the team that prefer to keep their mileage under wraps. If this is the case, this is NOT the method for you. Mileage for those participating in the electronic log will be on display for all to see.

Can I elect not to participate in the electronic log?

  • Yes, the hard copy logs are always available.

Program Rules and Regulations:

  • The program begins on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 and closes at 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 8, 2018.
  • Since this is a self-guided program, there is no "official" entry form for the program. Everything revolves around the program logs.
  • All hard copy logs must be turned into the park* where you will pick-up your tee-shirt by 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 8, 2018, no exceptions.* To be eligible for the grand prize drawing of an Annual Pass ($85 value) and $25 Nature Center retail voucher (total value not to exceed $110), participants must visit a minimum of three parks, have park staff initial and date route(s) hiked and attach receipts (provide annual pass number above, if applicable).
    • If the selected winner currently holds an Annual Pass, the Annual Pass will be renewed for one year upon date of expiration.
  • The Maricopa Trail may be substituted for one park. Logs are checked, so please make sure to visit a minimum of three parks or two parks and the Maricopa Trail.
  • ALL miles must be logged within a Maricopa County regional park and/or the Maricopa Trail. However, if you begin a hike on a county trail, and it crosses over to another agencies land, we will count it. For example, the Pass MountainTrail at Usery Mountain Regional Park begins in a county park and crosses over to Tonto National Forest land. We will count all miles for trails such as these.
  • Participant may NOT combine their form/miles with another participant's form/miles to reach the 100 or 200 mile goal.
  • You may combine options; however, 75 percent of your challenge must be completed via your primary mode and 25 percent via secondary mode. For example, if you decide your primary mode is hiking (100 miles) and horseback riding (200 miles) is your secondary mode, 75 miles must be hiked and 50 miles must be completed on horseback for a total of 125 miles.
  • Participants must turn in 2018 marketing materials (i.e., logs and entry forms) to qualify.
  • All participants who complete the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge will receive a limited edition tee-shirt at the park program finale celebration (date to be determined).
    • Tee-shirts must be picked up at the park.
    • Participants may make arrangements to pick up a shirt from the park at a later date.
    • Tee-shirts will NOT be shipped to customers and park(s) will not be responsible for product not picked up.
    • Participants may receive no more than one tee-shirt per campaign year, regardless of number of miles hiked, biked or ridden.
    • Pets may join participants on hikes; however, participants MUST be human to be eligible to receive a tee-shirt and qualify for the grand prize drawing.
  • *The following parks will not be hosting the final celebration - Buckeye Hills Regional Park, Adobe Dam Regional Park, Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant and the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.