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Memorial Photos

Immortalize the one you love...with a memorial at a Maricopa County Park. Anyone familiar with the parks in the Maricopa County Regional Park System knows these are special places and often become important to the lives of the visitors. Occasionally, a visitor wishes to place a memorial within a park.

In an attempt to fulfill this dream, the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department offers the Memorial Donation Program.

There are several options available to Maricopa County park visitors who are considering a memorial donation. The most popular options include a memorial bench, picnic site, or memorial ramada.

Memorial Bench

Memorial_Bench_-_New__2_These park benches provide heavy steel pipe fabrication, welded steel components for a stronger frame and wider curves for a simple, clean appearance. Park benches also come with a plaque that includes three lines of remembrance. Additional lines, and larger plaques, are available at an additional cost. The plaque is ordered once the wording and dates have been approved by the donor.

After it is complete, the plaque is set in the form and the bench is cast around it. Completed benches are picked up, transported to the park, and set in place by the park staff.

Memorial benches are most frequently placed along barrier-free trails to serve as resting points. Another popular location is at vista points within the park. Location availabilities will be discussed during the ordering and will be approved by the park supervisor.


Picnic Site Memorial

A bronze 7" x 9"; plaque, again with three lines of remembrance, is created for the memorial. Once complete, the plaque is cast into a concrete picnic table. The picnic table, with the plaque, is then picked up and placed in the specified location by the park crew. The site is an agreed upon location between the park supervisor and the donor.

Memorial Ramada


The largest memorial available through the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department’s Memorial Donation Program is the picnic ramada. A bronze 7” x 9” plaque, similar to the Picnic Site Memorial plaque, is created after the wording is agreed upon by the donor. Once complete, the plaque is permanently molded into a table. The table is picked up and placed in the specified location by the park crew.

The site is an agreed upon location between the park supervisor and the donor.

Once the table is set, a ramada, similar to other ramadas in the park, is placed over the picnic table to provide shade

Estimated Pricing (effective as of 2/2012)

  • Bench - $900
  • Table - $1,500
  • Ramada without table - $7,500
  • Ramada with table - $9,000

Additional opportunities may be available. Please check with the park supervisor(s) or phone (602) 506-2930 for contact information.


  • To protect the park and its resources, the Parks Department has identified the types of memorials and locations most appropriate for each park. Thus, not all items are available at every park.
  • The placement of memorials is strictly at the discretion of the park supervisor.
  • For more detailed information on the program, complete the last page of the brochure and mail back to the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department. A representative from the park of your choice will contact you once we receive the request.
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