About the Project


The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of developing the Strategic Systems Master Plan: Parks Vision 2030. The purpose is to update the 2009 Strategic System Master Plan. This plan will include an assessment of the entire park system, including the county regional parks and trails as well as looking beyond park borders. The plan will identify opportunities to leverage success through partnerships to protect priority areas and enhance regional connectivity for people and wildlife.

The Strategic Systems Master Plan: Parks Vision 2030 will reflect the current park system, identify current community needs and concerns, review system-wide best practices, forecast future needs, and identify recreational trends that will continue to elevate the park system.

The main elements of the plan include:

  • Community Health and Well-Being
  • Quality of Life and the New Economy
  • Exceptional Visitor Experiences
  • Preserving Regional Natural Heritage
  • Sustaining and Maintaining Park Resources
  • Connected Landscapes and Trails

This plan will outline the long-range vision for the park system including 10, 20, and 50 years into the future, for both the public’s enjoyment and the long-term protection of natural and cultural resources.

Updated 2/22/2021