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  • Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department seeks input on revised Trails Management Manual

    The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department invites you to review and comment on the Trails Management Manual. The manual outlines guidelines for best practices in trail planning, construction, and maintenance standards within Maricopa County’s regional park system.... more details

  • Maricopa County Parks tell residents to Take A Hike

    Shhh, we have a secret to share with you! Has anyone ever told you that there is one day a year where it is perfectly acceptable to tell others to “take a hike?” Better yet, are you aware that this brazen day is fast approaching?... more details

  • Maricopa County parks honor veterans with gesture of appreciation

    As a small token of appreciation for the freedoms afforded to all Americans, Maricopa County’s Parks and Recreation Department will be honoring all veterans with Military Service Appreciation Day on Saturday, November 11. ... more details

  • Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department Works to Keep Proposed Fee Adjustments Modest

    The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department is proposing fee increases to several categories in order to be able to continue providing quality outdoor recreation experiences for visitors who use the parks and conservation areas. ... more details

  • Are you up to the challenge?

    While everyone else is buzzing about town looking for the best pumpkin spice latte or Halloween event, Maricopa County’s Parks and Recreation Department is preparing for the launch of their annual 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge on Wednesday, November 1.... more details

  • Maricopa County parks prepare to lift fire ban

    (Maricopa County) – The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department will lift its annual fire ban on Monday, August 28. This allows park visitors to use campfires, fire pits, and charcoal grills. ​... more details

  • Maricopa County Parks Bring Back Free Camping Offer

    (Maricopa County) Beginning October 1, Maricopa County’s Parks and Recreation Department will bring back the Buy One, Get One campaign! The campaign allows park visitors who pay the camping fee for one night, or more, at a desert mountain county park to receive one night of equal or lesser value for free at any of the county’s desert parks during that same stay. ... more details

  • Wildlife Selfies

    (Maricopa County) – What goes on at the watering hole at Cave Creek Regional Park doesn’t necessarily always stay in the park. That’s right, it could end up on Facebook! So, the parks critters should always make sure they’re minding their Ps & Qs, and smile big for the camera as they take their wildlife selfies. ... more details

  • Go Wild for Flowers

    (Maricopa County) – Ahhh…spring is in the air and the wildflowers are blooming! Along with the warm temperatures comes the chance to view Mother Nature at her finest as she carpets the desert floor with an array of beautiful colors. ... more details

  • Prickly Pedal Racers Put The Pedal To The Metal

    (Maricopa County) – Last spring, hundreds of cyclists from around the country geared up for the inaugural Prickly Pedal Mountain Bike Race. They put the pedal to the metal, and raced along the Maricopa Trail from Lake Pleasant Regional Park towards the Town of Cave Creek.... more details

Results: 23 Articles found.

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