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Maricopa County plans to install electrical service to Buckeye Hills


Maricopa County is planning to install electrical service into Buckeye Hills Regional Park.  The service will energize the General Joe Foss Public Shooting Range and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Training Range and related water utilities, which are currently operated by diesel generators.  The incoming powerline will be overhead on wooden power poles.  Given current budget constraints, running power underground is not feasible and eliminating the diesel generators will enhance county air quality.  Energizing both facilities will also enhance public safety in the county.  The public range will allow additional hours of operation so that recreational shooters can enjoy safe, supervised range opportunities and energizing the Sheriff’s Range will allow for more law enforcement training opportunities in the west valley.  

Given the pending action, Maricopa County is proposing a minor amendment to the park master planning specifically allowing overhead power to energize the two gun ranges.  Power for any new facilities will be addressed through a future park master plan update.  In addition, a concurrent biological and cultural survey will be conducted to determine feasibility and mitigate related issues.

Maricopa County is seeking public input on the proposed action from Monday, January 29 through close of business on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 via maricopacountyparks@mail.maricopa.gov.


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