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Lake Pleasant Annual Bald Eagle Closure Dec 15 - June 15


The annual Bald Eagle Closure is typically in effect from December 15 thru June 15. Access to the area is restricted (violators will be prosecuted) until the closure is lifted. The Agua Fria arm is designated as one of a few select areas within Arizona for potential nesting/breeding sites for bald eagles. During breeding season, the slightest disturbances to the nesting areas or eagles can have a drastic impact on the success of this majestic, once endangered, raptor. We appreciate your support in helping to ensure this beautiful symbol of American culture has an opportunity to survive and thrive here at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Seasonal Bald Eagle Closure: During certain breeding stages (courtship, mating, incubation, young nestlings and nestlings near fledging), human activity near a Bald Eagle nest can cause nest abandonment and/or failure. Established breeding area closures reduce loss by managing human activities near nest sites. NOTE: The Bald Eagle Closure is typically in effect from December 15 - June 15*. Unless otherwise noted, you are not permitted to access the lower arm of the Agua Fria via watercraft during this timeframe.

You can find a the Bald Eagle Closure Map here.

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