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Lake Pleasant - Low Water Hazards


To have a safe and pleasant experience at the lake, please use caution while operating watercraft due to re-occurring monsoon storms and lowering water levels.  Check weather forecasts prior to departure and regularly check for updates during your visit.  Lake Pleasant is a water reservoir - part of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) waterway system.  We are currently experiencing higher water demand needs (approximately one foot of water lower each day), due to regular needs for this time of year as well as repairs being performed to pumping stations along the CAP waterway system.  Due to storms and low water levels, hazards may be present (i.e. debris from Agua Fria River, buoys moved due to high winds/waves, hazards not visible beneath water surface, exposed islands/peninsulas and other related items). If you come across an unmarked water hazard during your visit, please notify park staff immediately. .

SAFETY TIP: If caught in a monsoon storm while operating a watercraft, seek shelter in a cove and wait out the storm.  Do not try to tie your boat up to the docks or trailer your watercraft.

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