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Invitation to Negotiate for Sponsorship and Partnering Programs


Download a complete copy of the solicitation here.

Maricopa County (the County) is accepting proposals from respondents (Respondents) who are interested in partnering to assist Maricopa County, through its Parks and Recreation Department (MCPRD), with the ongoing challenges of developing new programs and expanding existing park and recreation programs, opportunities and initiatives that improve the quality of life for park visitors and provide responsible stewardship of our natural and cultural resources. This Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) will define the general requirements for partnering programs as well as the proposal procedures, evaluation, award criteria, and other factors pertinent to this procurement.

Notice is hereby given that Maricopa County is conducting this ITN electronically through its MCPRD’s website WWW.MARICOPACOUNTYPARKS.NETFor solicitation purposes only, this ITN is being published through an outside agent, WWW.BIDSYNC.COM.

Respondents may submit a response to this solicitation (Response and/or Proposal) at any time while this ITN is open. This ITN will remain open for submission of Responses for a period of up to one (1) year from the issuance date of February 1, 2022. The County shall have the right to close/end this ITN for submission at any time prior to the completion of the one (1) year period, if it is in the best interest of the County to do so.

To participate in this ITN, Respondents shall submit their Response electronically via email to MCPRD’s Contract Administrator, emily.miller@maricopa.gov with reference to “SERIAL #180226-ITN, SPONSORSHIP AND PARTNERING PROGRAM – FOR MARICOPA COUNTY THROUGH ITS PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT”.

No responses are to be submitted through WWW.BIDSYNC.COM.  

Any addenda to this ITN will be posted online at: WWW.MARICOPACOUNTYPARKS.NET and WWW.BIDSYNC.COM.

The Maricopa County Procurement Code (the Code) governs this procurement and is incorporated herein by this reference.  Any protest concerning this ITN must be filed with the Procurement Officer in accordance with Section MC1-905 of the Code.

DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES TO: Emily Miller, Contract Administrator, via email:  emily.miller@maricopa.gov

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