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Another excellent way where corporate, community, or private groups can serve is through our Adopt-a-Trail program.  This program serves to protect and preserve the natural beauty and functionality of the Maricopa Trail and County Park trails through a partnership between Maricopa County Parks and Recreation and members of the community at large.  Individuals and groups “adopt” a trail or trail segment to help with general maintenance and upkeep. The type of maintenance required is similar to yard work consisting of raking, light vegetation trimming/removal, and trash collection and removal.   Rakes, shovels, and other hand tools are used, ensuring the adopted segment remains in good repair for citizens to better enjoy the area.

The requirements for adoption are as follows:

  • A one-year commitment consisting of a minimum of two maintenance events that are schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator, using Maricopa County Parks and Recreation sign up software. The agreement will automatically renew each year; current adoptees will have first right of refusal for popular trails and locations. You will be asked to sign the Adopt-a-Trail Agreement.
  • A yearly $100 donation will be made to the selected park. This donation will pay for the following:
    • One 18” x 12” metal sign with the organization logo and/or name of the Adopter and installation.
    • Maintenance equipment for park (rakes, shovels, hand tools, garbage bags, etc.).

Interested but not quite sure about a location or trail difficulty?  If you need assistance selecting a park or a trail, the park trail maps are a great resource and can be found at You can also contact our volunteer coordinator at any time:  602-506-2930, option 2. 

Ready to Adopt?  If you have your area selected, submit the Adopt-a-Trail agreement to our volunteer coordinator at  Once the paperwork has been submitted and approved, our volunteer coordinator will work with you to schedule your two maintenance events (typically occur in the fall and spring).

Phone: 602-506-2930

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