Maricopa County Parks and Recreation

Adopt-A-Trail Photos


The Adopt-a-Trail program serves to protect and preserve the natural beauty and functionality of the Maricopa Trail and County Park trails through the use of committed community members as well as episodic volunteers. This is a partnership between the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department and members of the community at large. Individuals and groups are encouraged to adopt a segment of a trail for a two year commitment, to aid in the preservation and maintenance of the Maricopa Trail and park trails.

The type of maintenance required is similar to yard work. With the use of rakes, shovels, and other tools, the trail can be repaired for citizens to better enjoy the area.

A donation of $100 is required to pay for signage.


This is an opportunity to impact your favorite park by funding a special project that will improve the park experience or support wildlife conservation efforts. You can help to fund and build a tortoise habitat, a wildlife viewing pond, or another special project that will benefit the park and its patrons.

Pricing varies depending on project selected.‚Äč

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