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Sunrise Hike: Blackrock Long Loop Trail -PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Friday, June 11, 2021
05:00 AM - 06:45 AM
White Tank Mountain Regional Park
20304 W. White Tank Mountain Road
Waddell, AZ 85355

(602) 506-2930 ext. 5

Set your alarm and get a great start to your day! Join us for a sunrise hike along the Black Rock Long Loop. Programs will start at 5:05PM. Click on program title for more details.

!  Join us for a sunrise hike along the Black Rock Long Loop Trail (1 ½ mile).  We will watch the sunrise from a viewpoint, experience the Sonoran Desert as it awakens, and also have the opportunity to see ancient petroglyphs along the trail.  Please leave your dog at home.  Please meet at Area 4 for the walk.  Don’t forget your camera!  And don’t be late – the sun won’t wait!   


Sign-up is required for all programs unless otherwise noted, and capacity for each program is limited to 10 people.  Please call the Visitor Center at 602-506-2930 ext. 5 to register for programs.  If you find you cannot attend a program you have registered for, please call the Visitor Center ASAP so we may contact those on the waiting list.


Important Notes:

Bring a mask. Although this is an outdoor program, frequent stops may be made so the ranger an explain or highlight items along the trail(s). Masks will be required during these stops. Masks are also required in restrooms and the nature center. 

Physical distancing. Observe the CDC’s minimum recommended physical distancing of six (6) feet from others at all times. Share the trail and warn other trail users of your presence as you pass.

Personal hygiene. Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting parks or trails.

Other. Do not use parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms. If you sneeze while recreating on a trail, please sneeze into your elbow to avoid the spread of germs


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